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MADTOY is a dedicated and trusted brand, committed to assisting pet owners in celebrating their cherished furry companions. Our team, composed of passionate pet lovers, deeply understands the profound connection between pets and their owners. We take pride in creating stunning, handcrafted works of art, allowing you to creatively express your love for your pet by showcasing their digital pet portrait anywhere, from your home to your workspace or even on the go.

Our Meticulous Illustrations

Our illustrations are truly unique, tailored to you and your pet’s individuality. They are meticulously designed by our team to capture your pet’s distinctive features and exceptional personality.

Capturing Your Pet’s Uniqueness

We take great pride in creating these pet portraits, as they often hold cherished memories and serve as pet memorial gifts for our customers.

Our talented artists employ modern digital illustration techniques using tools like the iPad and Apple Pencil to create highly detailed and realistic digital pet portraits. This method provides flexibility in terms of style, color, and composition, making it the perfect choice for pet owners seeking a one-of-a-kind portrait.

why we only sell digital products

At MADTOY, we’ve embraced an eco-friendly ethos, prioritizing sustainability and local support. That’s why we exclusively offer high-resolution digital files for our pet portraits. This approach empowers our customers to print and craft an array of portrait products locally, reducing environmental impact while fostering community connections through accessible printing options.

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Explore our diverse collection of digital pet portraits, each capturing the unique essence and personality of our beloved furry friends. Discover how our talented artists bring your pets to life through intricate details and true to life colors.